Problem Deploy Xojo Webapp


I have some trouble deploying xojo web applications.
I own a VPS with follow configuration.

Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz (1 core(s))
Plesk v12.5.30_build1205150826.19 os_Debian 8.0
OS Debian 8.6
Apache is 5.6.24

Is this config good enough for deploy xojo web applications.

Is Ubuntu better than Debian

I have followed all instructions for cgi-bin or standalone deploy but it was impossible to get some result.

What im missing, or what kind of additional setup i need to achieve it?

Many thanks

Any error messages?
This could work.
Of course it could be that your hoster blocks running arbitrary applications. So the app may need to be put on a whitelist.

Go to the command line and try launching the app manually first. This will tell you if there are any missing dependencies.

Also, you haven’t mentioned if the OS and/or your app are 32 or 64 bit. If you look at the system requirement page for Xojo, there’s a list of libs you might need.

[quote=292148:@Alan Castellana]HI

I have some trouble deploying xojo web applications.


check apache log files:

also check if apache cgid module is enabled.

Some times I had problems uploading files using FTP and the files appeared corrupted and I had a segmentation fault error. I solve the problem uploading all files in a unique file zip and than unzip it on the server.

Check also the app’s files permissions and their parent folder’s permission.

If you re-uploading the files, before reload the page in browser to test again, kill all any previous instance with

killall applicationName

and than reload the page in browser.

Another problem could be the architecture 32/64; check your VPS architecture and build your app with correct version (32 or 64).

These are the common troubles I had when I deploy on VPS.
I use always Ubuntu VPS to deploy my apps (cgi and standalone); everything is ok.

Thanks to all

The common error im getting is that the document is not found in the server!!!

Im building for cgi-bin not standalone (so i guess should be more easy)

The url is

The app build is 32 bit (i assume as i’m building with XOJO 2014 2.1) and i gave 755 permission to executable file and parent folder

Im using filezilla uploading in binary mode

Anyway looking around the forum i noticed that ubuntu seems be better with less troubles.

Im switching from Debian to Ubuntu and see what happen.

Thanks guys

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