Problem compiling

In REALBasic I was able to give a file location for the exe file, support files and the icon. I am not able to find the same set of commands in XOJO. And I having a bad day? Could someone kindly explain where I might find information on how this is done with XoJo? Any help is appreciated.

my recollection is that it always “built” the exe/app/bundle right beside the project code… It creates a “bundle” for OSX, and a folder wtih all the support files etc for WIndows.

You don’t

This prevents multiple builds from overwriting each other like used to happen when people would build both a Carbon & Cocoa version of their app but since they used the same NAME they would overwrite one or the other (and we’d get a bug report about this)
And other issues like a build overwriting something important in the same dir as the project directory - which also used to happen frequently and we’d get bug reports about that too.

So now you don’t control WHERE it builds.
The IDE builds into a specific well defined location next to the project.
It builds your application right next to the project in a location called BUILDS -

Thank you for the responses. Dave’s answer alludes to Apple if I’m correct. Is the same true in a Windows application? Again, thank you.

ALL BUILDS on ALL platforms are this way for the exact same reason

Debug runs may behave differently


Thank you.