Problem Adding Events

Hi all,
I’m struggling to add events to controls. The latest is a Listbox (I have another post for irregularities on other controls).

Right clicking and “Add Event” shows every option greyed out.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there another way?
I’m completely stuck now.


Hmm…I saved the project and now the Listbox has events available.
But a new one now doesn’t (even after saving).

Any help gratefully received…

Have you tried the + button on the button bar? Or + + E? Or just double clicking the listbox (if no other events have been added).

Double click brings up a box with no events inside for you to choose from.
The + on the button bar brings up only the event handler for the containercontrol.
I’m on a mac so I assume the equivalent is CMD SHIFT E, which does nothing but beep at me (same for CTL-SHIFT-E).

Now, of course, I cannot get it to go wrong…

Ah it’s a list box on a container control.

You are trying to add the event to the listbox in the container object not to the listbox in the container that exists in the window?

In the inspector the super should be WebListBox not containercontrol. In the navigator on the left you need to have the control with the cube with a blue top highlighted.

Possible …
I shall watch more closely what I do next time, as i can’t repeat it now.
I think I may have been doing just that.


This is a known bug.

Ah, a bug as in I wasn’t going mad and it was a problem, or a bug that you can’t add an event to a control from the webpage editor as opposed to the controlcontainer editor?

Must admit, it’s not happened since.

Both. You’re not going mad, and its supposed to let you add the events… Now if I could just reliably reproduce this so I can fix the darn thing…