Problem Adding Controls to Forms

I have just downloaded and installed the XOJO Ide on both my Pc (Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit with 8 GB Ram and a 2TB HDD) and my Mac Mini, I have created a desktop project but every time I do to add any sort of controls to the form they will not add.

I thought it would work the same way as visual Studio 2010 where I just draw the controls on the form But it not working on the Mac I signed in to my XOJO account on the PC I did not and on both macheans I am unable to draw any controls on to the form.

I am evealuation this as a possible replacement for Visual Studio 2012 and so far I am a little disapointed that I can create a project but not get any further.

Woops did not realse it had to be dragged, I can’t just select it in the tool bar and then draw it like I can in Visual Studio :frowning: silly me…

You can also double-click a control in the Library to add it to a Window.