Probable bug in Navigation pane

Select a MenuHandler you just add (say FileOpen or EditCopy), really select it,

and you get a second occurrence of the MenuHandler.

You may say: “This is intended, Emile”.

Emile: “Yes, but not like that. There is no incremental ending number (FileCopy1 for example) as it does with copy/paste of nearly any other object in the navigator pane.

Since the name defines what menu command the menu handler should handle (i.e. it isn’t just an arbitrary name like a method, class, or property name), adding a number wouldn’t make sense. But then one might ask whether duplicating a menu handler made any sense at all. Maybe the IDE should enforce a “only one handler per menu command” rule and warn you that you are about to replace an existing menu handler – then you could choose whether to replace it or cancel the paste.

Well, if my second menu handler was going to be largely based on my first menu handler, I might opt to duplicate the first one.

It could be pasted as an ‘untitled’ handler so you don’t get two handlers for the same menu item.