no more.

Just discovered that is no more. Looks like Imma gonna have to build a lit of sites to send PR too.

What do you say that? The site comes up just fine for me.


I tried to submit a PR and get a message that they’re shutting down on April the 30th 2020.

Here is the note they posted after you login:

“Sadly and most regrettably, prMac will close April 30th, 2020. Due to the financial crisis (2008-2014) in addition to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are no longer able to keep prMac as a viable entity. We will not be able to handle any refunds of any kind going forward from today (April 8th 2020). If you have any extra credits purchased outstanding, we strongly encourage you to use them up before the site closes for good. Please use your credits as quickly as is reasonable or possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our contact form (email). We will not be accepting any phone calls. prMac started in 2007 and remained the only true Apple, Mac and iOS specific press release distribution network. It sadens me tremendously, but we can’t help it. We wish you tremendous success in the future!”

They had a good run. Most companies fail so they did better than most.


Short answer: prMac is back!

In the previous loss of prMac, I went searching for a replacement service and found "PRApple Media” run by "Apple World Today” and they seemed to be the replacement. Unfortunately after they opened up in June, they shut down the site two days later because of threatened litigation and they did not want to pay the legal bills to fight it. When I saw this, I went to the prMac site and noticed there was no cancelation notice on the site and I saw press releases going out past the shut down date and said to myself, “Say what!?” I then talked to Ray (the owner) and he said he found a way to make it work. So they are back baby!

If you need apple related press releases, prMac is the way to go.

3 Likes is indeed alive and kicking. Still the #1 place to submit your PRs to the Mac community.

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