Private conversations

Private conversations on this forum are a good and useful thing, but they should be used sparingly. If someone has a question that is specific to me and only me, feel free. But if it’s a question that can be answered by others just as easily, it benefits nobody to make it private and I, for one, won’t respond. The point of this forum is to share problems and solutions so others will benefit too, now and in the future. Let’s not defeat that purpose.

Remember, we are all voluntarily contributing our time here whether we are seeking advice or offering it. Asking for assistance by starting a private conversation with another member is akin to demanding a private consultation, and I’m not conformable with that.

(I’m not trying to call anyone out so please don’t feel the need to apologize, explain, or respond, even in private.)

This sounds a lot like the warning labels on things.
You know someone had to do it otherwise why the heck would they have that warning on the label ?

except that label has to be fake…

“Do not pour on the OOLALA area?”

but according to Google it would have been

or maybe

Apology to Michel and any/all other native speakers of French

Yeah fine so you miss the point

These exist

Norman… I got the point… [lol]… was just seeing if I could pull your leg too …

OOLaLa area sounds more fun that “fourche” anyways :slight_smile:

[quote=295746:@Norman Palardy]Yeah fine so you miss the point

These exist[/quote]

Actually the warning label to not STAND on the toilet seat is quite valid. Some cultures find the thought of sharing toilet seats disgusting

I’ve had the PM’s happen to me as well. On one hand, I want to help. On the other, there’s no reason why the conversation should be private and the community can benefit. I have helped in the past, but always politely instruct them to use a public conversation next time.