Private App Distribution Using Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager

I am wondering if anyone here has released an app for private distribution using Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

My first iOS app is for a school district. I’ve added their School Manager ID and their volume purchase AppleIDs in Appstore Connect for my app. The app has been approved, but it is not showing up in their catalog.

I’m going to ask over on the Apple Developer forums but I thought I’d ask here as well as I don’t know how long it takes to get things added to the catalog or if I am doing something wrong or what not.



Don’t you need Apple Configurator 2 for that?

Not sure what you mean. In AppStore connect you have the option of private distribution via their business manager or school manager accounts. It looks straightforward.

I believe the school or business needs to deploy the app to the devices. Not sure actually never really used it as such. But it could be what you mean.

Not sure about that. The school district has their own software for distributing and managing apps called AirFlight or something like that. The point is them being able to see it on their store.

No. Apple Configurator is to configure devices and install apps from a central point.

They should find your app in their dedicated store, maybe you have set something (there is but now I don’t remember the flag name) to wait your approval to let the customer get your app.

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Correct. Here’s how it looks in connect: