Priority help or bug fix?

I’ve just filled <> Which is stopping me from going forwards; what do I need to do to either get assistance (if I’m doing it wrong) or get it fixed?

TL;DR: I’m currently using OpenGL and CoreImage in our HDR application to get the fastest possible screen updates (sometimes within 1,000 microseconds). However OpenGL has been buggy since 10.10 and I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out workarounds and duct taping it together. Now with High Sierra it’s even more buggered (sometimes, just shows a hole in the window, or a solid black view).I think the only solution is to switch to Metal.

I’ve found some sample code and I’m busy converting to declares. However there’s bugs in CoreImage 32-Bit that Apple don’t seem keen on fixing, so I have to ship a 64-Bit application.