printting and pdf file

Hi . I have myproject about printting I write code for save as PDF file for Excemple

dim ps As New PrinterSetup
Dim mPrintSetting as strimg
ps.SetupString = mPrintSetting
if ps.PageSetupDialog then
mPrinterSetting = ps.SetupString
end if

Dim page as graphics

page = OpenPrinterDialog(ps)

If Page<>Nil then

end if

from code Project then I’m run project have Picture in pdf file where top = 0,left = 0
If I want Picture where .top <0 and .Left <0 . How to



I am not sure of the question. Your Page.DrawPicture line will draw the resized image at 0,0 (top = 0, left = 0).

How can you want to print the image outside of the window ?

PS: Yes, I know, pdf 0,0 is left,bottom UNLIKE Xojo wo 0,0 is Left/Top.

Is this the answer ?