Printing WebPages from a webapp


a customer wants to print webpages of an webapp we created.
It seems the page renders different on printer / printer preview. Why is this?
Even in Eddies Electronics Sample Project this happens.

The page is filled to half of its height only (on landscape and portrait).
Is there a way to work around this?

Creating reports is no choice for us here because the page shows a lot of dynamic webcontainers at calculated positions.

thanks a lot.


Here is a screenshot:

The image that you posted is not there.

Hi Beatrix.
Embedding the image did not work. I made a link now. This should work

Looks like a bug. How are do doing the printing? Simple Cmd-p?

yes, exactly. Default print dialog from browser (Safari in this case)

Really looks like a bug. Did you have a look at the print css?

do Xojo Webapps have a dedicated print stylesheet?