Printing to PDF printer (file default name?)

When I try to print something I choose the printer I want to use.
If I choose Adobe PDF, a new window is opened to write the name of the PDF file I have to save.
A default name for the file is proposed, with problems with its encoding.

The question is: who decides this default name?
Xojo, Adobe or Windows?

Does anyone know?

If its anything like my experiences with printing some time ago, the ‘document name’ appears to be the title of the active window.

Thanks Jeff.
According to your suggestions I’ve made some tests.
In OSX it takes the name of the main window, not the active window.
In Windows, it takes just part of the title of the main window. I can’t guess how it cuts the title.

So, it seems the default name is given by the OS, but not sure because in OSX we don’t need Adobe.

In Windows 10, there is a system PDF Printer as well (at long last).

This issue has been around for a VERY long time:


Thanks for the information Kimball.
It seems that this is a very old subject, but I didn’t find if the Feedback since I thought it was only a PDF subject.

I’ll have a look at it. Thanks.