Printing text at known coordinates

I’m new to Xojo and I need to print software-generated graphics on an ink-jet printer (Epson XP-860). I can print circles, lines no problem but I need to accurately position where single, short lines of text are printed (annotations around the graphics). How do you position text at known coordinates?

Is it that what you need ?

g.DrawString "My text",10,50 // where 10 = X and 50 = Y

Keep in mind that the Y coordinate is the text baseline.

How do I position the text baseline with respect to the paper origin? It needs to be an absolute x,y coordinate with respect to the paper origin.

Get an eye on Printer Settings and Print commands. You get the paper size, the sizeable area (the 4 margings), and at last you will use g.DrawString to print your text.

I do not have Xojo handly now to make a search, but it is there.

Now, if you want to print text around a circle or vertically, this is a different subject: get an eye on Object2D.

Thanks to you both. That’s just what I need.

You’re welcome.