Printing Source Code

Seems in Xojo, when you select PRINT all you get is the currently selected Method…

How to you print the entire project???

RS2012 did it

Xojo will print whats selected.
Select everything or, less obviously, select NOTHING (on OS X you can do this by selecting one item then cmd-clicking it to deselect it)

Thanks… not so intutitve… perhaps a print dialog like the old search one?

Print this Method
Print this Module
Print this Project

THAT would be a lot more intutive

Want to do something like that but the print dialog isn’t modifiable and really didn’t want to add yet another dialog before you get to the print dialog.

We’ll get there.


have-you seen Google Chrome Print dialog ?

Very strange for a Macintosh person (not strange for Linux / Windows person), but holds many adjustments.

Don’t you think the look and feel is “very Xojo” ?

It seems that the image link does not appears. The image is there:

No need to change the dialog. Just add more options on the current File Menu. Today we have “Print…” and “Page Setup” items. Just need extra options, with submenu options. What will change under the hood is the “Select content to be printed” before calling the standard print routine. A menu like:

File -> Print Code -> Project Current Branch Current Item Print... Print Setup