Printing source code settings, take 2


please see Print Source Code settings - Getting Started - Xojo Forum.

Well almost in 2021 this issue is still here. I am running Xojo 2020r2.1 on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, and still get full page width printing if I don’t change the margins from the default 1" on each side. And still the characters are way too big. The default font for printing is SmallSystem, size can’t be set - what it this ? anyway it’s not small at all - I changed it to Courrier New 8, it is way better.

But having to change the margins, because 1" = 0" by default.

This bug was old in 2014, and now it’s very old. I can’t access the case mentioned in the reference forum post.

I suggest fixing the bug with the margins - that shouldn’t be long and using a different font by default…

@Paul_Lefebvre How about Xojo taking a new resolution for 2021 :smile: ?

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