Printing listbox in a report

Trying to use a report to print contents of a listbox. Have followed the code used in the Report Listbox example exactly apart from using Report2 instead of NameReport.
Get the following unhelpful message:
Thereis more than one method with this name but this does not match any of the available signatures.
If rpt.Run(Salret.PrintableListBox7, ps) Then
Code is:
Var ps As New PrinterSetup

Var rpt As New Report2
If ps.ShowPageSetupDialog Then
Var g As Graphics
g = ps.ShowPrinterDialog
If g <> Nil Then
if rpt.Run(Salret.PrintableListBox7, ps) Then
If rpt.Document <> Nil Then
End If
End If
End If
End If
Any Ideasplease?

Why don’t you use PDFDocument instead?

When posting code, please select it all with the mouse and click on </> as it makes it much more readable. You’ll have to do your own indenting, however.

What is report2, what is salret?

Just used copy and paste from my app
SalRet is a window for Sale or Return (production of Approval documents). PrintableListBox7 is the listbox therein.
Report2 is my report form (ie my name for NameReport used in the example).
The PrintableListBox7 has 7 columns:
Stock Number,Metal,Description, £ Cost Price,£ Selling Price,Order Number,Debit Number
The required printed page must contain a header section, body, and footer

I am using version 3.2, and the message I am getting is at compile time, so can’t proceed to a run.

Setting up PDFDocument is just as much if not more tricky than using report generator. Can see that once done it may be good but I would prefer to get RPG going first.
Thank you for the suggestion.