Printing from macOS 64-Bit app: RuntimeError and Crash (if App is launched from a Network Volume)

Customers have reported crashes with our macOS 64-Bit application.
It seems a bit weird, but here are some keys:

  • macOS 10.13 (.6)
  • Xojo-built macOS 64-Bit application is copied to a Network Volume (and launched from there)

If you then try:

  • Printing from the application launched from a local drive: no issues.
  • Printing from the very same application launched from a network drive: a RuntimeError dialog pops up with the Information: Location: Common/Cocoa/, Condition: window

I’ve reported this as <>.

Meanwhile… do you see the same with your applications? What might be the cause (what is different if application is launched from a Network Volume)?
And even more important… does anyone know of a workaround or fix?

Added Info:

  • AFP Volume: afp://Server/Share → printing works
  • SMB Volume: smb://Server/Share → printing results in ‘Runtime Error’
    So this has to be an issue with SMB vs. AFP. However, it only affects Xojo-built applications. BBEdit for example can print just fine when launched from a SMB Volume.
    The mean thing is that macOS 10.13 users should get a 64-Bit app… in order not to get the ‘This app is not optimized’ warning. And most Network Volume are being mounted with SMB nowadays.

I have the exact same problem. The only “solution” is to return to the 32 bit compilation until Xojo fixes the bug.