Printing broken under Windows using OpenPrinter

Before somebody urges me to search the forum or the feedback system: I know that the printing issue with 2017 r1 is officially solved…
Nevertheless, on my machine (and - unfortunately - on my customers’ machines, too) the problem still persists.

When calling the OpenPrinter method providing a PrinterSetup parameter, my app crashes.

What can I do?
Any ideas ?

If necessary, I can provide a mini sample project that ran under 2015 r2.4 but crashes under 2017 r1.1

Any help is highly appreciated.

If this is a printersetup you have previously saved, then the save or load process has corrupted it.
What happens if you get a fresh one using this code:?

Dim g As Graphics Dim p As PrinterSetup p = New PrinterSetup If p.PageSetupDialog Then g = OpenPrinterDialog(p) If g <> Nil Then g.DrawString("Hello World", 50, 50) End If End If