Printing and Scaling

I hav write the foloing code:

Sub Action() Dim g As Graphics Dim ps As PrinterSetup Dim X,Y As Integer Y= 20 ps = New PrinterSetup ps.Landscape=False If ps <> Nil Then g = OpenPrinterDialog(ps) If g <> Nil Then #If TargetMacOS Then g.DrawString("OS is printing",10,10) #ElseIf TargetWindows Then g.DrawString("Windows is printing",10,10) #EndIf For X=0 to 10 g.ScaleX=1+(X/10) g.ScaleY=1+(X/10) g.DrawString("The quick broun fox jumps over the lazy dog",10,Y) Y=Y+10 Next End If End If End Sub
It is stil work on the Mac, but by Widows, with the same printer, it’s dusent works.

Please search this forum… this issue with Direct 2D/Windows/Printing has been discussed and explained many times in recent history

For instance

I have another solution I use for my Check Print’R+ app under Windows : 2016R3 which works exactly like the Mac version, and lets me print just as precisely.

Sorry, i have read the links, but i don’t found a solution for my problem.
If havw write my program on Mac OS. The program has a output of, round a boud, 20 different prints, with different sizes, A4 - A3,
Landscape and portrait.
By OS, the result is marvelast, but if a build it for windows, the printouts are terrible.
I using the same printer for OS and Windows, first of all the prints are 30% smaller as the OS prints, secondly some graphics are on the wrong place.
I have tray, to change it, with ps.sacelX and scakeY without results by windows.
Wath to do, my client is stil waiting for a program with the same printout as on the OS machine.?

Use 2016R3 for Windows.

OK, but allso by 2016R3, are a lot of differents between Windows and OS.
Maby i must set different margrins for windows and OS in every print methode. by using 2016R3

Just try.