Printer quality by Windows

I have written a program waths is running on Mac and Windows.
If its running on MAc the printer quality is perfect, but the same program on windows gives a very low printer resolution.
On the top of Printer methode i have written:

xScaleFactor = pageSetup.HorizontalResolution / 72.0 yScaleFactor = pageSetup.VerticalResolution / 72.0 xOne = 1.0 * xScaleFactor // scale for 1 horizontally yOne = 1.0 * yScaleFactor // scale for 1 vertically
And e row with text by the following code:

g.DrawString(txtOut, Links+100 * xOne,pageSetup.Height-30 * yOne + g.TextAscent )

The the results by Windows and Mac are different.

Current version of Xojo Windows?
If so, go back a few versions.

Check your printer settings. One may be giving you 72dpi and one 300dpi
Do you SET the resolution before starting?

To be honest, I still use a workaround from years back.
I don’t really care what dpi the printer says.
I get the page size at 72dpi, multiply by a factor of 4
create a picture that size
Draw on the picture
Then send the picture to the printer, scaled down to fit
Seems to have avoided all the reported issues with printer resolution over the years…

If you use Xojo 2016R4.1 (latest release) I would go revert to 2016R3.

Hi Joost,
I have changed to 2016.3 and now teh problem is lost.
But now the next problem, the printed picture hase a blck background.
If i remove de code: “DorpelPic.Transparent=1” the Backgroud is wihte bur the same picture on the screen hase also a wihte background, i prefer a transparent background.
How ti do that?

On Windows I assume. Which version ?

@Hans Riemers you can do conditionally setting

#If TargetMacOS Then // settings for mac // code .... #ElseIf TargetWindows Then // settings for windows // code .... #EndIf