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Hi ! I´m new in Xojo, I work with Xojo2017 with MBS plugins.
I was wondering if there is a way of printing the contents of a WebListbox, or at least if there is a working plugin to make a pdf out of the contents of the WebListBox.
Any information is greatly appreciated.

May I ask why you use such an old version as Xojo 2017 ?


I was asked to make some functions work from and old webapp, so i cant open it in Xojo20221.1 because some things may not work.

Absolutely, V 2017 is Web API 1.0 and V 2022 is Web API 2.0. You may use the latest V 2019 version, the last one that is still based on Web API 1.0, if those who asked you to do the work are Ok with that. - a paid version is needed to compile the App.

Back to your task, did you check the if MBS plugin provides this functionality ? In these times printing in Web apps was not possible in plain Xojo. One way to print in Web apps is provided by Welcome to Paradigma Software, makers of Valentina Studio Pro (, specifically the Valentina Studio Pro solution.

Does the contents of the WevListBox come from a database ? I ask because Valentina Studio can connect to a database to get data.

Others may know other software or plugins.

It would probably be easier to download the WebListbox as an Excel file and print it rather than try to rig something to print from the Web app itself. That’s how I handled printing from all my Web 1.0 apps. I use the Einhugur ExcelWriter plugin, (MBS has one also but it uses a 3rd party DLL). You have a lot of cell formatting options for an Excel file download including headers and footers for the page.

Also you can open the app in 2022 if you want to spend the time fixing or formatting things that get broken. It might not be a bad idea to at least try it and save it as a new project name just to see what happens. It will really depend on how complex or sophisticated the Web 1.0 app is whether it can easily be fixed to run in Web 2.0, (mostly UI stuff I suspect.)

Thanks for the advice. I´ve already made the downloading as an excel an option, I was only wondering if there was any way of showing a PrintSetupDialog or something.
Still, if anyone has any insight on downloading as a PDF that would be appreciated.

Thanks for the advice on the plugin, i did not know valentina studio, I´ll definitely check it out & give it a go.
Yes, it does come from a SQLdatabse.

Take a look at the MBS DynaPDF Plugin. You can either generate a PDF from scratch or if it is a specific format it is a lot easier to create a PDF form and just fill in the data fields to save it and then download it. I mostly use the PDF forms method because the page is consistent with little variability other than the content within the consistent fields.

I´ve seen other entries in the forum talking about DynaPDF, i´ll most surely use it thank you. Moreover, do you happen to know any examples of it been used so that I can look and learn from examinating the code? (I find it far more enriching than reading the documentation)

The beauty of the MBS plugins, (, is that you can download them and they come with example projects that will pretty much show you exactly what you need to do to make them work. Also they will work in the debugger so you really don’t need a license until you compile. They are worth every penny I have invested in licensing. Once you expand the zip or dmg just add the plugin you want to use from the Plugins folder and then try/modify the examples in the Examples folder. Also if you get stuck and have specific questions the author Christian Schmitz is very helpful.

I just looked at the DynaPDF Examples folder and it has 25 subfolders of examples in addition to the 144 example projects in the top level folder. If you want to fill in a PDF form check out the folder labeled “acroform”

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Thanks for the helping hand