Print source

Is it possible to print out all source code of a Xojoproject with one command? If not, is it possible to copy all the source code and paste it in let’s say Word? Thanks.

I would have said yes, but after a quick test I only seem to be able to print the code that can be found at the top level. Anything in our folder structure in the project seems to not be printed.
I checked RealStudio 2012r2.1 and it works there. Maybe something not implemented correctly in the Xojo IDE yet.
Don’t have time to check into it any further right now.
If you have time you could file a feedback case. Looks like a bug.

Arbed from Thomas Tempelmann can convert a project to html.

Just tried that : works very well!

OK, time to try Arbed. Thanks.

Select all the objects you want to print - press Print
Something that’s NOT obvious is to deselect all objects & print as this will print the entire project

Seems to work fine here to print all 10,000+ pages of the IDE source code

I’d expect the source files within a folder to be printed when I select the folder. This does not seem to happen though.

Do you know that you add windows (interface) with the whole code ?

Note: I do not play with that very much / I only printed it to pdf.