Print a report without db

Hello, I’m new using Xojo and i would like to print a report but without using a database. someone have an idea? I hope you can help me. Thanks

Check out the example projects that come with Xojo, under Printing and Reporting -> Reporting. The ListboxReport example project would be a good place to start.

Victor, send me an e-mail at “harriew at frontiernet dot net” and I will send you a project that shows reporting from data in a listbox. Seeing how that is done it is a no brainer to report from data in arrays, data classes or anything else. An RTF file comes with the project explaining exactly what all needs to be done to accomplish it.

Thank you both so much. Harrie: I will send you an e-mail, thanks.

U can create a variable recordset like this

dim msql as string Dim inMemoryDB As New REALSQLDatabase dim rsitem as RecordSet dim rowdb as DatabaseRecord

excuse post the complete sample code.

[code] dim msql as string
Dim inMemoryDB As New REALSQLDatabase
dim rsitem as RecordSet
dim rowdb as DatabaseRecord
If inMemoryDB.Connect Then

msql = "CREATE TABLE itemlist (codice TEXT, descrizione TEXT, item TEXT, grafico INTEGER, ordinamento INTEGER, femminedevstd DOUBLE, femminemedia DOUBLE, maschidevstd DOUBLE, maschimedia DOUBLE, sezione STRING)"

if inMemoryDB.Error then
  msgbox("errore : " + inMemoryDB.ErrorMessage)
end if


if inMemoryDB.Error then
  msgbox("errore : " + inMemoryDB.ErrorMessage)
end if

rsitem = inMemoryDB.SQLSelect(msql)
rowdb = new DatabaseRecord

rowdb.Column("codice") = rs.Field("cod").StringValue
rowdb.Column("descrizione") = rs.field("descrizione").StringValue + " Maschi"
rowdb.Column("grafico") = rs.Field("grafico").StringValue
rowdb.column("ordinamento") = rs.field("ordinamento").StringValue
rowdb.Column("femminedevstd") = rs.field("femminedevstd").StringValue
rowdb.Column("femminemedia") = rs.Field("femminemedia").StringValue
rowdb.column("maschidevstd") = rs.field("maschidevstd").StringValue
rowdb.Column("maschimedia") = rs.field("maschimedia").StringValue
rowdb.Column("sezione") = rs.Field("nomegrafico").StringValue
rowdb.column("item") = elencoitem(rs.Field("cod").StringValue, self.tipotest,"M")

msql = "select * from itemlist order by grafico, ordinamento"
rsitem = inMemoryDB.SQLSelect(msql)
if inMemoryDB.Error then
  msgbox("Errore " + inMemoryDB.ErrorMessage)
end if


Dim rpt As New rpt_componenti

// Now we select the records from the database and add them to the list.

If rsitem = Nil Then
  MsgBox "Nessun record da stampare."
  Dim ps As New PrinterSetup
  // set the resolution to 300 DPI for printing
  ps.MaxHorizontalResolution = 300
  ps.MaxVerticalResolution = 300
  If ps.PageSetupDialog Then
    Dim g As graphics
    g = OpenPrinterDialog(ps, Nil)
    If g <> Nil Then
      // if the report runs successfully
      If rpt.Run( rsitem, ps ) Then
      End If
    End If
  End If
End If

end if[/code]