Print a cursor file

I have a small .png file (16*16 pixels, 22392 bytes) representing 

a cursor. How can I show it in a text file (mail in Eudora, or Word
or BBEdit) to document it ? A poor trial gives me something in Eudora
but nothing in Word or BBEdit. The “something” is refused by ?

You want to show a .png in a Word document? Just drag it into your document…
Are you sure it is a .png? Cursors are .cur in Windows, and that would explain why it doesn’t show.

The nug mailing list will strip all attachments

Norman. Thank you. I knew about attachments not allowed, but I forgot.
Alexander. My “.png” is accepted inside text in Word but behaves curiously. Indeed this is not a string but I do not know what it is when pasted in Word … but it is more esoteric in Pages. It is accepted easily in an email using Eudora. It seems that BBEdit does not accept it. Anyway, I shall manage with Word and Eudora. Thank you.