Primary target platform [survey]

I’m a little curious what target the majority of the users are building for (desktop). Xojo may not even have a way to tell because unless users buy the lite version they could be building for any of the three desktop targets. If you are interested in participating simply specify your approximate user base by percentage.

Here is my usage:

Windows: 100% Mac: 0% Linux: 0%

Hi Neil,

If you would like to make it easy to create a simple survey, create a free account at SurveyMonkey and get participants to take a survey.

Just a friendly suggestion.

Windows: 85% Mac: 1% Linux 2% Raspberry Pi (Jessie): 12%

Windows: 90% Mac: 0% Linux: 10% ( I have plans for the Pi, but nothing concrete yet)

It varies from year to year but for us it’s roughly:

Desktop Mac/Win: 60%
Desktop Mac: 0%
Desktop Windows 0%
Desktop Linux: 5%
Web: 30%
iOS: 5%

Database driven: 99.99%

Windows: 95%
Linux: 5%
Others: 0%

mac: 100%

Hoping to change that in the future.

Edit: The apps we sell are 100% Mac.
Internally we use a Xojo Web App (on a Linux server) for our registration system and I have an iOS app that I use sometimes.

Windows: 100%

Windows 100% commercial, but playing with Pi.

Mac + Windows: 80% (but the majority of the users are mac)
Mac only: 10%
Win only: 10%

Windows: 99.9%
RPi: 0.1%

Mac: 80%
Win: 15%

Web: 100% (Linux)

Mac: 99%
Win: 1%
but my apps compiles for Win and Linux, I check that even if customers don’t ask now for them.
still have certainly to debug them !

Mac: 95%
Win: 5%
Win is in Parallels, so eventually it’s 100% Mac. :wink:

So far:

Participants 15 Win Primary 8 Mac Primary 7 Linux Primary 0 Other Primary 1

Web: 80% (Linux)
Win: 5%
Mac: 14%
Linux: 1%

[quote=346259:@Markus Winter]Mac: 80%
Win: 15%[/quote]
What’s your remaining 5%?

Shhhh! He’s an engineer. They don’t do higher maths.

Win: 100%

We’re at 17 participants. I’m sure this is only a small fraction of the user base. I would like to go to at least 100 participants.