Pricing WebApp work..

I have no clue as to where to start, but a small retail store that is struggling needs an E-Commerce WebApp (they have PayPal), a feedback feature, and project management portal.

How do y’all sort out pricing for WebApps? I’ve never been comfortable with pricing :frowning:

Also - I am wondering how / when Android will be available - hopefully before this year’s license expires :confused:

I have clients asking about Android apps.

Thanks for all feedback.

It depends an awful lot on what your approach will be. At this point there are so many off the shelf solutions for E-Commerce sites, I’d expect it should only take a few days configuration work to deliver the site. The same goes for project management solutions.

So perhaps 2 or 3 days research and say 10 days effort to deliver and about 5 days to cover management and communications with the client… I say you’re looking at perhaps 20 days in total.

After that you need to know the going rates locally…

I’ll tell you one thing I was told starting out, by a client: Never be afraid to ask what you believe you are worth.

I would tend to steer clear of Xojo for a project like this since there are relatively inexpensive, off-the shelf solutions for e-commerce and website solutions. WordPress, Drupal are two CMS solutions that have a ton of plugins that make this sort of thing easy. Even RapidWeaver will have commerce and store solutions. With Xojo you’ll be creating a number of things from scratch that seem easy but are fairly hard and won’t scale exceptionally well.

The other thing about creating your own solution in Xojo is that they’re always dependent on you (or another Xojo developer) while a more web-friendly solution they can get practically anyone from anywhere.

Added to that is the effort it takes to get the app to a stable state. With most of the popular off the shelf solutions the common bugs and issues have been found and fixed.

A custom application and a client struggling to survive is not going to be an income generator.