Previous Xojo Project Icon ?

I just noticed a change in my 2015r1 project icon (binary project).

I installed Xojo 2018r1.1 yesterday (I think) and I forgor (but I think so) if it replaced 2018r1…

Am I right or am I dreaming ?
[or is my boot ssd going into troubles ?)

The document icon have the interior nearly white unlike with some previous Xojo versions.

I don’t have 2015r1 installed, but in 2015r2 the XojoProject.icns uses a full-color logo on a white background.

I do like the idea of using a green document with white logo for the project icon, so it stands out when using the version control format.

It was my hard disk (SSD / System?) who had a problem: I saw minutes ago the green backgound colored Icon was back.

I do not fired a Xojo project for days (no Xojo binary project in front of me), so I do not know when this was set as it was in the previous version icon (gren instead of white background).