Preview PDF and draw on top of it?

I try to create an assistant program (“wizard”) to visually arrange the printable areas of a document.

Therefor I load a PDF file and display it in Quicklook (QLPreviewControlMBS). Next I would like to instantiate canvases, put it on top of the quicklook and draw something.

Unfortunately the QLPreviewControlMBS stays in frontmost position and hides the canvases.

1.) Is there a way to put it behind a canvas?
2.) What other options would I have to display a pdf and draw on top of it?

I guess I have to drop Quicklook and simply use DynaPDF.RenderPagePicture, like Christian is demonstrating it in his PDF Viewer Example project.

This will most likely let me do what I intend to.
It will limit me to PDF files only as background templates, but it will be crossplatform.

So maybe that is the better way to go.

What could be better?

You could use DynaPDF to import pages, edit them and draw directly on them, render them and discard them.