Prevent resizing from right in last column (NSTableViewMBS)

For a Xojo listbox I can’t resize the last column of a listbox from the right (screenshot bottom). NSTableViewMBS allows this which looks a bit odd (screenshot top):

How can I make NSTableViewMBS behave like the Xojo listbox?



Notification worked.

Well, I don’t know how to solve the problem, but I did google and found that we have a NSTableColumnMBS class with resizeMask property.
And NSTableViewMBS has columnAutoresizingStyle and there maybe use NSTableViewLastColumnOnlyAutoresizingStyle constant?

anyway maybe read here:

NSTableViewLastColumnOnlyAutoresizingStyle is the default value already:

mColumnWidthsDirty = false
mTableView.columnAutoresizingStyle = NSTableViewMBS.NSTableViewLastColumnOnlyAutoresizingStyle
mHadVerticalScroller = me.ScrollView.hasVerticalScroller and not me.ScrollView.verticalScroller.isHidden

I already played around with the different styles and those didn’t change the behaviour.

Been thinking too complex. I calculate in both MouseDownInHeaderOfTableColumn and MouseMove if I’m in the right corner of the header and I simply disable the column resizing. And then enable again when the mouse has left the right corner.