PresentContextualMenu not working on WebToolbar


I have a button on a toolbar named btnZoneManagement. This code in the action event of the toolbar:

[code]If item.Name = “btnZoneManagement” Then
Dim menu As New WebMenuItem
menu.Append(New WebMenuItem(“One”))
menu.Append(New WebMenuItem(“Two”))
menu.Append(New WebMenuItem(“Three”))

Me.ContextualMenu = menu

End If[/code]

After the first click, normal contextualmenu (right click) works, but the contextualmenu is not presented on a normal click. Can anyone confirm this?
Xojo version 2017r3

Thank you

Why not just use a “Menu” button which does this for you?

I must miss something. Does a Menubutton exists on a WebToolBar? How can I define that?

Nevermind, I must be retarted.

Thanks Greg!