Prerequisites or other requirements for profiling?

Another Xojo user in my organization is not able to see the ‘Profile Code’ slider in the IDE (BUILD SETTINGS -> Shared -> Inspector -> Build). He showed me a screen capture and the slider isn’t there. On my system, I see the slider right underneath the ‘Language’ drop-down, but on his there is nothing. That is to say: it’s not disabled or turned off, it simply is is not there.

Does code profiling require a specific license or some other setting elsewhere in order to be enabled? I am not seeing anything in the docs apart from the bit about it not working with remote debugging (which is not in play here). I am reasonably sure that we have the same licensing level. We are both using Mac, though his is 10.8 and mine is 10.6.

Is it under the Project menu?

Are you two using the same version ?
Would seem to me that’s relevant

I believe the Profiling slider moved from the Shared Setting Inspector to a checkbox in the Project menu in 2013r3.

Oh…ooops, yep, that’s the issue Paul. Thanks.