Preparing build on XOJO version 2017 r1

When I am creating build on Xojo version 2017 r1 for iPad device it takes a lot of time around 1 hr to prepare the build.
Why is it taking that much time?

What do you have the optimization level set to?

It is set to default

Beyond that without knowing more about your system and project, there’s not much more I can tell you.

Have you tried building or running in a newer version of Xojo to see if it’s any faster?

On new new version it is fast but there are some controls which changes(like date picker etc) and design is disturbed when created build from new version.

That would be because we fixed a bug with constraints in 2017r2, but I’m not aware of any changes to the Date Picker. It sounds like we also fixed a bug in terms of build speed.

I suggest moving your project up to a newer version and taking the time to fix the constraints. You’ll be much happier in the long run.

The design of the date picker is different and it kind of takes more space which in my project I don’t have much for that view.
Is there any other way?

If the date picker has changed shape, it was likely because we updated the version of the iOS sdk that be build against and that causes iOS to draw it differently in some way (although I am not aware of such a change).

Typically in an iOS app, date pickers only stay around long enough for the user to pick the date and then get hidden though because they’re so large. Perhaps this would solve your problem?

So is it because of that bug in version 2017 r1 that build is taking too long to create?

I’m saying that it is possible. I’m not at my desk yet today so I haven’t had a chance to look.

Can the project be affecting it?
But the on new version of XOJO, build is created in around 15-20 mins.
What are the system requirement that are needed so that you can help me tell what the problem is?

Looking at the 2017r2 release notes, I think the relevant part is:

• 42907 The compiler and XojoScript have been upgraded to LLVM 4.0

Likely the change that made building faster

Ok, so, it is because of the version, right?


Thanks for the help Greg :slight_smile: