prepared statement fails without errors


im trying to use prepared statements to do update/inserts to a ms sql server

ive tried odbcpreparedstatement and mssqlserverpreparedstatmemt
the code definately runs ive stepped through it, i get no errors from the database yet the data is unchanged.

how on earth do i debug this??

Check the replacement chars you are using. SQLite uses ? Whereas Postgres uses $1, $2, etc.

It might help if you could post the code for your update/inserts.

Make sure your aware of this bug with mssqlpreparedstatement. I forgot about it and it bit me…


it could well be that bug, but does it also pertain to the odbc version (also against mssqlserver)?
i don’t see a crash, it just silently fails to update the database

im using ? as the replacement char for both mssqlserver and odbc versions.
thats correct isnt it?

i would post the code but i’ve rewritten it now using a string.
its not ideal but i’ve wasted enough time today with it.

if i get chance in the week i will try again as i would like to use prepared statements

thanks for your time folks