Pre Build Script: Can Build be aborted/cancelled?

I’d like to do a couple of validations in a PreBuild script.
Is it possible to cancel/abort a build in case one of the PreBuild-Script validations fail?
If I just “return” from the PreBuild-Script, then the next build step “Build” is going to run. That’s what I don’t want in this case.

As an additional challenge: I’m looking for a solution that works from REAL Studio 2011r3 up until the current Xojo releases (because the PreBuild-Script) is shared between several projects that are being built with various IDE releases.

Not in a way that will work in 2011r3 and 2017
It only came into being in 2013

Looks like it… but it gives me a “IDE Script Compile Error” in REAL Studio 2011r3.

Which this information explains :slight_smile:
It would be nice if the Documentation had some information about “available since”…