#Pragmas in Xojoscript

I haven’t seen anything in the documentation discussing the use of #Pragma directives in Xojoscript code. However, I’ve noticed that if I use them, they don’t throw a compile error. But the usual speed-up directives (DisableBackgroundTasks, DisableBoundsChecking, NilObjectChecking, StackOverflowChecking) don’t seem to have any effect either. I’m not surprised that DisableBackgroundTasks wouldn’t have any effect, but expected that the others would. Are they supposed to work in Xojoscript?

I would not expect that they would/should… as the Pragma are compiler directives, and I believe that XojoScript is interpreted, not compiled, but I may be incorrect on that.

XojoScript is compiled.

These do not exist in XojoScript.

Thanks. I suspected this, but was surprised that the compiler didn’t complain.

After looking at the code, they technically do exist, but we don’t do anything with them.