#Pragma BreakOnExceptions ignored?

If I understand the pragma commands correctly, you should be able to skip a break on exception on selected methods where an exception is used for error handling – like this one. Why does the IDE still break here?

(The double toDate is ok, the second one being a conversion from Xojo.core.date to old framework date.)

Do you have multiple threads executing while the breakpoint is hit? And does this happen every time this method gets called?

No threads at all. And yes, everytime there is no date value to convert. I wonder if it could be caused by the double exception – one for each of the toDates.

Anyway: I changed the method to

Function DateValue() As Date // Part of the EasySQLField interface. dim CoreDate as xojo.core.date =me.TextValue.toDate if coredate <> nil then return coredate.todate End Function

and everything’s fine. No need for a pragma anymore.

I’d appreciate a bug report if you have the time. It seems like something that should be fixed.

Sure. I’ll see if I can strip this down to a small demo project later or tomorrow.

Done: <https://xojo.com/issue/41017>