Power for Web FeedBack#41520

FeedBack#41520 - make web listbox same like DeskTop listbox

I need editable listbox and checkbox

maybe better make explicit feedback cases for individual features.

thanks Christian

the most important for me is editable on the listbox

Hi Christian

The best contribution of XOJO should open source weblistbox so the same user XOJO improve the listbox for the good of all

something like that would be nice.

You may want to check http://www.graffitisuite.com/products/
They say their GraffitiWebGrid offers editable fields.

Since there is neither live demo nor downloadable I could not play with it, but there may perhaps be users that can chime in.

Brock Nash has shared a way to embed a WebContainer into a WebListBox to bring it a checkbox.

@Michel: have a look at http://demo.graffitisuite.com/cgi-bin/graffitisuiteweb.cgi . Rather well hidden.

Great. Thanks.