I’ve made a few WebDataSource implementations backed by PostgreSQL with no issues.

However, one of my last implementations was processing the wrong RowSet during the RowData request.

After disabling MultiThreaded for the connection and the problem went away.

The RowData was using a While Not rs.AfterLastRow … Wend loop to process the results (following the style in the WebListbox Datasource Example project).

Wanted to see if anyone else has noticed anything similar?

Is it possible you used the same connection/db-object for more than 1 request at a time?

AFAIK multithread does not work with any xojo database plugin
you need mbs database plugins to have multithreading to work.
(I did not test it anyway read more below)

if you do adequate paging of your data through you don’t really need it.

Yes I was only using a single connection.

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