postgreSQL NOT ios compatible

I’m so proud of myself. I finally got postgreSQL up and running. I’m using Eugene Dakin’s “I wish I knew postgreSQL” book and examples. Fun fun, FINALLY getting the hang of it.

Then I see in the Xojo docs that postgreSQL won’t work with ios apps. ??? Is that cast in stone? Could that change? Is the problem Apple doesn’t support it? Or is it that Xojo hasn’t implemented it for ios apps?

I was hoping to develop a web app that could be accessed by mobile devices. Does this mean an iPad or iPhone could not access my postgreSQL db on my web app?

Sorry, being a PITA runs in my family…

In a web app, use whatever database you wish. The database is accessed on the backend, not at the client-side, so it doesn’t matter what OS the client is running.

If you were building an iOS app instead, this still wouldn’t be an issue since PSQL is server-based and you’d need some form of middleware anyway.

Kems right - in a web app it doesn’t matter what the front end is since what it see’s is just HTML basically

But you’re not writing an iOS app - you want to make a web app

In the immediate short term it’s unlikely to change

Yeah, what Kem said.

Here’s a video that shows you how you can make a web service (middleware) that is used by an iOS app: