PostgreSQL library in application framework folder without using PostgreSQL

I have an application that use a sqlite database and it works fine (compiled with Xojo 2013 R3.3). When I compile this app with Xojo 2013 R4.1 the compiled application has the library “PostgreSQLPlugin.xojo_plugin_0.dylib” in the framework folder. I do not use any PostgreSQL connection. Why R4.1 use this library? I have checked all of my applications. When I compile it with R4.1 every application has this library in the framework folder. The only difference between R3.3 and R4.1 is that the plugin for PostgeSQL has a different name:
R3.3: PostgreSQLPlugin.rbx
R4.1: PostgreSQLPlugin.xojo_plugin

Same here. I’m not using Postgres, but plugin is there …

That suggests that the compiler or linker thinks theres a dependency there somehow
But I sure don’t see this would be

I can confirm. I just checked a build folder from something I was working on Tuesday and it has the PostgreSQLPlugin.dll in it. The project uses SQLite and ODBC but no Postgres.

I just created a little test project with this code in a PushButton’s Action event handler:

Dim db As New SQLiteDatabase If db.Connect Then MsgBox "Connected" Else MsgBox "Not Connected" End If db=Nil

And Postgres is there: