postgre Authentification error

trying to connect to postgreSql located on my 123-reg vps

Error created on connection:
‘The connection failed, expected authentication request from server, but received 4’

Checked obvious user name password etc.

Any ideas??

I’m not a PostgreSQL expert but it sounds like you need to setup the Postgres privileges for the user you are using to connect to the database server.

I think I’ve read something about this somewhere some time ago. Is it a very old postgres version?

yes Albin realStudio 2012 release 2.1

Thanks Bob will check for that as well

What version of postgresql is installed on your VPS ?

Should be the latest as I have just installed it on the vps

PostgreSQL 9.0.19 according to the documentation

Sorry Norman looks like I’m actually running postgreSQL 8.4.20

Try to connect to your DB using the lastest pgAdmin and see if you get a more descriptive error. It can be many things related to a bad connection.

The error description is not good, Norman, make sure to update the Xojo PostgreSQL plugin to the latest libpq client lib, this February they made an intense update in the entire system including bug fixes and security updates on protocols. The libpq in pg v9.4.1 is dated february 2nd, 2015.

Hi Guys at last sorted it out apparently
You have to ensure that PostgreSQL listens for remote incoming TCP connections because the default settings allow listening only for connections on the loopback interface. To be able to reach the server remotely, you have to add the following line into the file $PGSQL_DATA_D/postgresql.conf:

For Postgres 8.x:
listen_addresses = ‘*’

For Postgres 7.x:
tcpip_socket = true

  1. PostgreSQL by default refuses all connections it receives from any remote address. You must relax these rules by adding this line to $PGSQL_DATA_D/pg_hba.conf:

Rick will the latest libraries be compatible with realStudio 2012 release 2.1?

For this, the problem is in the plug-in code, not the lib. Those libraries are merged into newer versions of those plug-ins, retro-compatibility is a question of Xojo creating new plug-ins compatible with older Xojo versions and saying “this plug-in works with RB versions xxxx.xx and beyond”. The plug-ins internals are beyond the DB libs.