Possible to reduce the height of a popupmenu in Vista and newer OS?

I am working on a project in which screen real estate is at a premium. In Mac OS X and in Windows XP, specifying “SmallSystem” as the font with a size of 0 for a popupmenu reduces the height of the control, which makes sense, at least to me. However, when I run my Windows build on Windows Vista or Windows 8 (I don’t have a Windows 7 machine, but guess that it would be the same), such a popupmenu is drawn with the same height as one with its font specified as “System” - sgnificatly taller than I’d like.

Even explicitly setting the height to a lesser value in code doesn’t change the way it’s drawn (though the control does “think” its height has been reduced when I query the value after I’ve set it).

Is there a way to achieve a popup menu with a height of ~20 pixels or so? I’ve looked through the Windows Functionality Suite, but have so far come up empty.

Thanks in advance.

Answering my own question - sort of. It turns out that the popupmenu can be made at least a little bit less tall if the font size is defined explicitly in units rather than being set at the default of 0. Does anybody know why this is the case? On the Mac, specifying "Small System automatically reduces the height of the control…