possible to re embed a ContainerControl?


Is it possible to re embed a containercontrol in a webapp?

I’ve a containercontrol, embeded in the main-page. Now I want to embeded quite this container into a webdialog (palette) - is that possible? Or do I have to close the old one and add a new containercontrol to the palette?

Just create a new instance of your CC and embed that one:

Dim myNewContainer As New myOriginalContainer // creates a new instance of your original myNewContainer.EmbedWithin(myPaletteWindow, 0, 0)
You then refer to the objects on the newly embedded container as “myNewContainer.thePopupMenu.Text” and so forth.


within the CC, I’ve a lot of other CCs, which I added at runtime. And my hope was, that I haven’t to re-create this container with all its content.


You can’t move it from one layout to another by “re-embedding it”
Thats kind of what you’re seeking isn’t it ?