possible to make a second toolbar float on the right?

if no. is the same to make a several bevel buttons on a container and I have to specify they positions?

If I understand right, what you want is sort of a palette.

You can certainly create another window with a toolbar on it, with a zero height.

Then you position it like any other window.

Is that what you want to do ?

You can also indeed place bevel buttons on a container control, but it won’t be possible to display it out of the main window.

thanks for your reply.
I want to create a toolbar inside the mainwindow as the same with the default toolbar. but it will stay on the right corner of the main window.
seems I could do these by create a container actor as “pannel” ,and put some buttons on the left,and put some buttons on the right.
and move the “panel” to the top of the window. right?

Sorry, Chai, you make no sense. If you already have a toolbar, what you want is not a toolbar. It is indeed a panel of sorts.

You can certainly do that with a containerControl and position it with its left and top property.

that’s ok,thanks.