Possible Issue MouseUp on PopupMenu

I am having an issue with the MouseUp event on the WebPopupMenu. When I put code into the event to trigger and put some text into another WebTextField it doesn’t trigger correctly. On Safari using my Mac, I have no issues, and it triggers as expected, however, on Windows using IE, Firefox and Chrome I’m getting this delayed behaviour. Is this a bug that I should be reporting, or am I doing something wrong.

A bit more info…when I go into that WebPopupMenu again and select anything, then the first selection populates the textfield. Strange. :frowning:

You can’t get more basic than this.

Sub MouseUp(X As Integer, Y As Integer, Details As REALbasic.MouseEvent)
TextField1.Text = me.Text 
End Sub

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

The “delayed behavior” is lag from the server communication. When the user selects something, the changed value has to go all the way back to your server, the server has to process it, and it has to go all the way back to the user. There are many things that can affect this time and make it shorter or longer.

We call it a “round trip”

The only way to eliminate the delay is to convert the desired behavior entirely into Javascript and implement it browser side. There is a tool called Sloppy that lets you simulate this slower connection on your local test on the Mac.

Hmmm…not the answer I was hoping for. Thank you for the tool suggestion, I will definitely check it out.


@Tim Parnell, I’ve done some more testing on this issue by installing the self contained site on a server. I get the same type of behaviour with the Windows systems vs the Mac system with Safari (though Firefox does exhibit the “double click” requirement). This is not a matter of latency as I should expect to see the same behaviour on both systems .

Does anyone else have a suggestion for what is happening here?

It will not hurt to file a report, with the project attached, and possibly a link to your server test program.

I’ve submitted a ticket for this: