Possible Bug?

I have a really annoying Tab problem and someone else on here made a test project and had the same problem.

Create a new window with a TextField (TabIndex 0), a PopupMenu (TabIndex 1) and another PopupMenu (TabIndex 2).
When you try and tab from Index 0 to Index 1 - it refuses to work.

I was told by the other person on here who tried this, that although the PopupMenu has the correct TabIndex, the PopupMenu cannot receive focus.

Can anyone shed some light?

Thank you all in advance.

Two remarks:

  • don’t start new a thread just because somebody was away from his computer for an hour or two
  • “Possible bug” is probably the worst title possible - in 99,9% of the cases it won’t not a bug

OS X or Windows or both?

Quickly tested what you described above on both Windows and OS X - no issues here.

If you are on OS X, then again: Have you set in the system preferences under “Keyboard -> Shortcuts”, that all controls are reacting for tabbing (“Full keyboard access”)? If this is not set, PopupMenus can not be tabbed to (this is the standard when you install OS X).

Accessibility Keyboard Shortcuts

Two remarks:

I did not start a new thread just because someone was away from their computer - I started a new thread because I was told it should work but doesn’t, and therefore thought I should start a “possible bug” thread.

I am on Windows, therefore the system preferences is a non-issue for this particular problem.

Thanks anyway.

I also just tried Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Both examples work as I expect: I can tab from the TextField to the PopupMenu without trouble.

just in case you never saw my original post regarding the problem:

My controls (which I want to tab through) from the top to the bottom of the window are Tabindexed 0-6.
Accept Tabs are set to OFF for all controls.
Tab Stops are set to ON for all the required controls.

The TextFields and Labels which I do not want to be involved with tabbing and indexed 55-60.

All appears fine in the Tab Order Editor (with the exception of a few unwanted Labels and TextFields being listed at the bottom).

I can tab from the second control (Tab Index 1) through all of the others, but the window refuses to tab from Index 0 to Index 1.

Well, if you want to post a project somewhere, I’d be happy to give it a try here.

[quote=67373:@Richard Summers]I was told by the other person on here who tried this, that although the PopupMenu has the correct TabIndex, the PopupMenu cannot receive focus.

Can anyone shed some light?[/quote]

You should keep the discussion in the same thread. Starting a new one just makes the discussion more difficult. I am using a Mac and it seems that Cocoa does not give focus to a popmenu. But that’s not the issue here.

Because you started this new thread, now a possible solution lies in the other thread, and I am not going to duplicate (what a mess !). Have a look in your original thread, please.

It is rude to start threads apparently because you did not have a solution fast enough. Other members care enough to try to help, it is quite discouraging to feel as if that it is not enough. Why bother, then :confused:

Wasn’t intending to be rude and certainly did not post another thread due to impatience.

I started a new thread in case others did not read the previous thread, and thought it must be a bug, so started a new thread.

Sorry for any confusion.


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You can view your own conversations without inc that number.

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Nice weather (sun) here at Strasbourg, what is the weather in London ?

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My original post (and this one :wink: ) is solved due to workaround code provided by Michel.
The only problem now is that it causes the users system to beep when the second control receives focus :frowning:

Thank you all, for your understanding.