portrait and landscape

can I print portrait and landscape on the same page for a report layout
using windows

I’m afraid your question doesn’t really make sense - you can’t have a page which is both portrait and landscape at the same time (unless it’s square, I suppose). Can you ask the question again but using different words?

Since portrait and landscape are page orientations, no you can’t have both on the sale page unless your printer can rotate the paper. What you CAN do is figure out how to specify an area of the page to be printed as rotated text, probably by using canvases and drawing into them.

You may want to print top part of the page as Portrait (one column, all width) and bottop part as Landscape (two columns, width / 2 minus column separation) ?

I wanted, weeks ago, be able to set one page Landscape in a Portrait document. I never takes time to really try how I can achieve that.