PopUpMenu: which line is highlighted?

Sorry for the question. May be it is obvious but I don’t know how.
When I have a PopUpMenu with many lines and I move the mouse over it the line bellow the mouse cursor highlights in blue.
Is there a way to know which line is being highlighted?

In the MouseMove event I get x,y which is the pixel position in this control, but I don’t know the height of the rows nor which row is the first shown in the PopUpMenu (when there are many lines).

Thanks for any help.

When you open a PopUpMenu and click on one of the lines, the menu will close and you can tell which line was selected from the ListIndex property. If you select the top row, ListIndex will be 0.

Thanks Dean,

I know I can use ListIndex after clicking one item in the PopUpMenu. What I want is to know which item is highlighted (blue background, at least on Windows) when you move the mouse.
In fact Xojo knows it because if you move the mouse on an item, it is highlighted, then you move the mouse out of the PopUpMenu and press key Enter, this item is selected, so Xojo knew which one was highlighted.
Thanks anyway.

Are you sure Xojo knows ? I think the OS (or the used Control) knows, but is that information exposed to the developer ?

Thank you Emile.
Maybe you are right and its just the OS the only who knows it.
That’ why I asked to the forum in case some one knew it better.
I wanted to show a message, different for each item, as you move the mouse over the items, but I don’t know how.

I had in mind to display a help message depending on the highlighted one and this was an idea.

Another idea is to add a help button in your window (that display a help window to give that window special help).

Maybe too many help kills help ?

Thanks again Emile.
In fact the list of items is populated by the users (not the same day, maybe one year before), so I think it’s their responsibility to create items with a significant name.
I agree that too much help is not help.


I started to add local (in the window) help when I started to forget what controls do in that window :wink:

PS: I have some PopupMenus that are populated from a Text file (list of countries for example), so if one entry is forgotten or there is a change of name, or anything, I only have to modify the text file :wink: