Popupmenu not popping

Has anyone seen a popup menu not popping?

Video here

Basically, I’m populating my menu in the open event of a window and the data is in the popupmenu, but if I click on it (in Windows), it highlights the control but doesn’t expand the popup. If I use arrow keys I can select the contents.

This is part of a larger project and I can’t recreate with a simple app. My question is, has anyone seen this behaviour and any pointers. This has only popped up recently and I haven’t changed anything related to this part of the code. Is there anything else that I might be doing wrong?

Maybe the PopupMenu is overlapped by another Object, right below the PopupMenu Object?

Nope. Nothing else close by. And nothing changed lately either

You sure it’s the popupmenu you’re populating? What is the super of that control? You sure it’s not a combobox and you’re populating the textfield part of it instead of the menu part?

I think he’s populating the correct Object. But i also still think, the PopupMenu is " painted over by another object. :slight_smile:


You didn’t happen to implement the MouseDown event on that control?


Hi @Greg_O no, not implementing anything other than selection change.

And no @Sascha_S nothing else in the window that’s within 100px.

It’s really interesting. It seems that on startup of the app, the menu might open once and then afterwards it doesn’t.

Is the CTRL key stuck, or the mouse button swapped?

I was hopeful of something simple, but no. Repeatable on another PC

You should open an Issue Case and attach the Project (as a private Case if needed).

Reinstall Xojo ?
Verify (with software) the boot and project hard disks ?

If you add the MouseDown event to the popup menu and put “break” in there, is the event received?

I can see the event is received because it highlights the control. You might be able to see in the video

Working on this as we speak. But I can replicate

Could it be that there is nothing in the popup menu to show?

What does your IDE show as the list of controls?

Here, I have managed to make one popopmenu ‘inside’ another by pasting…