Popupmenu Inserting Tags Into Editfield - Win32 Editfield Loses Focus

I am using a popupmenu to insert special placeholder tags into html templates which the program automatically replaces with user data from the program.

The user places the cursor in the editfield where they want the placeholder tag to be and selects the placeholder on it from the popupmenu. This works fine for the Mac version, but on the Windows build the editfield looses focus when you go to select the popupmenu so it can’t insert the tag into the editfield. I have other editfields on the same control panel.

What would be better way to handle this so it works for Windows also? I am testing using XP Pro, but only use Macs in my daily work.

  If Me.Text <> "Choose..." and Window1.Focus = DesignHTML then
    Dim C as New Clipboard
    C.Text = Me.Text
  End If